Saturday, 25 May 2013

Reading update

How is everyone?
Sorry this post is a bit late I've had a bit of a random week and blogging seemed to fall off my radar  Having finally come back to the land of the living from my Matcha Tea incident, I thought I would get my week alone with reading. However it seems I've been hung over and showing my friend the sights of Derbyshire instead.

My lovely friend Emma decided to visit me on Tuesday (having us both plan this on Monday night) Which was great but also meant I ran into "Hostess with the Most-est"  mode, meaning pies needed to be baked, along with bread and cake, beds needed to be made and generally a quick run to Tesco for lunch, and of course the wine.

This lead to a very giggly girly night were we where both a bit delicate the next day. Though we managed to get some Derbyshire sight seeing in, and drop by Ellie's fantastic book shop (because its on of my favorite bookshops and all my friends from the south are being told about it, and how when they visit its part of the tour!) as well as visit, what I now know is called Blue John Caverns, not John Blue! *slams palm of hand to forehead* 

After Emma sadly left me to return to the flat land of Cambridge, I collapsed in a heap and stayed there staring at the Light Box (telly) for a few days to recover. 

So am very behind on my reading, oops! However while pressure washing the tiles today (that's right I get to be all domestic while the folks are away) I did manage to get some more audio book in, and am going to read some more tomorrow, and hopefully catch back up. 

And may have found my way onto amazon and trying to convince myself to hold back on the book ordering :S

Hows everyones reading? Good week? Also any recommended books??


  1. You're allowed a little splurge, with the new job and the fact that you didn't buy ANY BOOKS when you came in with Emma... Glad you enjoyed yourself though, you and ol' John Blue. ;)

    You're so domestic, it's quite scary. I feel good if I've hoovered stuff and maybe made vegetables for dinner...

    1. Yea I think at the beginning of the month I will buy a couple more, though I did just buy Covert Affairs on iTunes and didn't move for a day, unless to get tea!

      Am really not that domestic, when other people are coming around i make an effort, its just me now, so i made a curry and have eaten it for about 5 days since am rubbish at cooking for one!! xxx