Monday, 20 May 2013

Bout of Books

So I sort of completed my Bout of Books week, and what a week its been aye!
Sorry I dropped out part way through the weekend, I feel like I had Death staring at me in the corner in the end :( 
Just couldnt perk myself back up, I swear I am NEVER drinking Matcha tea again, I think the moral of this story is that it just doesn't agree with me, since its seems to have rave reviews and aledgaly 98% of people would recomend it I think its just me not the tea.

Apart from that I was helping my parents get ready for there 3week holiday, which means 3 weeks of house freedom for me YAY!!
Double YAY is that its been confirmed that I got though all my check for my new job and I finally start next month. So I have two weeks to read all the books I can and catch up on my last 2 days reading. 

I managed to take part in 1/2 a twitter chat, complete one Challenge, Finish 1 paperback, 1 audio book. Read 106 pages and somehow manage to listen to 14 hours of audio book.(both need to be finished)

All in all I think not bad for my first ever Readathon.
I think next time, yes next time, I will aim to do more challenges, and not have to stop just as the finish life looms into view. 

Sorry this post is a little late, hope you all managed to complete yours more successfully :D

How did you find it? Best part?

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  1. Congratulations! You had a great reading week, despite the Matcha tea fiasco at the end there... And hey, at least you tried it BEFORE you started your new job, that would have been a pain!

    I didn't really read very much in the end - it was quite a busy week - but I read more than I usually would, which is surely the most important thing! We only have to wait until August for BoB8.0... :)