Monday, 13 May 2013

Bout of Books Monday

So my first Readathon has not gone as I hoped so far, but there is still an afternoon and an evening to go (and then a week).

Having set my alarm for 6.30am to start my walk/listen to audio book, I didn't get myself out of the house until 9!
I have had a bit of a possitive turn as I have finally finished my 20 Hours of A discovery of witches which means I can finally write my first review for my blog and for Bout of Books. It feels like a big blogging mile YAY!

However I have been trying to write this post/review since 11 today, so really am trailing a bit behind in my targets for myself.

Trying to get back on track I will write/post my review and then spend the afternoon under a blanket with a never ending cup of Chi Tea and get cracking!

To give you a quick update of my reading....
A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness..........FINISHED XD
Dead and Gone by Charlaine Harris.............Page 18
Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness.....28.04 mins into Chapter 2 Part 1 (chapter 2 in real book)


So yesterday wasn't as productive as I expected, I think I read more than I believed I had, however still need more time. Was one of those days where you should have loads of time but can't really seem to get 5 minuets, or you just get into your book and someone would go "Sarah can you come here for a minuet?" GRR

Books I've read from:  A discovery of witches by Deborah Harkness and Dead and gone by Charlaine Harris
Pages read today:  106 pages and 1hr 20mins of audio books
Books finished today:  1
Running total:  1 books; 106 pages   
Non-reading progress: I did have a look at some blogs and wrote/published my first book review (since I was in secondary school!) a
Menu: Chai Tea, Chocolate Flake tea,  and roast chicken
Today #insixwords: Firsts, not enough time, read more!!

SO am hoping to finish Charlaine Harris Dead and Gone today, though then I have run out of the series so might not finish them this bookathon. As a result I will review the series up till here and then hopefully review the series as a whole at a later date.

How did your first day go? Any tips for a first timer? 


  1. I only read 14 pages yesterday, never fear! I was too busy shopping in Sheffield, and when we got back we were so knackered we pretty much just had some food and went to bed!

    Congrats on finishing your first book of the read-a-thon, and hope you have better luck on the reading front today! :)

  2. Ah spooky timing! Was just about to go over and comment on your blog :) CONGRATULATIONS on your successful day in Sheffield, and on the books, now looking forward to the update for what you bought.

    Good luck on your bookathon, hope you quite enough to get some more reading done :D

  3. Chocolate flake tea? What is this wondrous thing of which you speak?

    I bought THIRTEEN BOOKS in Sheffield, and Hannah bought seven which is unlike her, plus a ton of arty cards and DVDs and Patisserie Valerie cakes... it was fantastic, even though I was knackered yesterday! I'll probably do a post at the end of the week, when the read-a-thon's over and Mum's no longer looking out for evidence of our excess! ;)

    P.S. Did you add your update to yesterday's Bout of Books linky? I didn't see you on there, but if you add your link each day you'll get loads more comments and people visiting. :)

  4. Chocolate flake tea! Its this cup of creepy delicious delight I discovered thanks to TeaPigs :D You have to try it, its tea with chocolate chips and coco-beans in the tea bag (sorry pyramid) My mum got it as a free sample with one of her order and was too spooked to try it, its so tasty I just wish I had more! go to

    AHH so many books and awesome things * jealous sulk* so pleased that you had a great day :D Cant wait to hear what you got when you are free to sneak it online without being caught :P

    Also no I didn't because I can be a tool and didn't realize. THANK YOU :D Your like my blog master teaching/dragging me into the 21 century :D