Monday, 27 May 2013

Paul Hollywood's Bread

In case you hadn't guessed it this review is on Paul Hollywood's BREAD. When I first started this blog I thought it would just contain my general ramblings about fiction etc. However I really do feel like this needs a mention!

I will be honest I watched the TV show, about the book, just to have a little eye candy. I know am not alone in this, and many people have told me that they did the same.

Surprisingly he did actually inspire me to get baking some bread, and after a successful soda bread my Mum kindly bought a copy of the book for me. (Really I think this was a hint to bake her more bread) 
I think now is the time to admit that I am a bread snob, I really can't help it, from aged 15 I worked in a Bakery and got to take the bread home, meaning most of the bread I ate was from 15-19 was fresh bread (great for when I was at Uni) and when my parents moved they bought a bread maker and everyday we have a fresh loaf. And honestly I just prefer it (see snob).

Anyway back to my review, So the TV show was great and I did get my eye candy, However I did find the delivery of the recipes left me a bit less than satisfied.  Seeing him mix the ingredients without weights at the time was a bit annoying, and I was a bit worried the book wouldn't flow. However my fears where unfounded since its clear and easy to follow each recipe.

Right now my bread goal if you will is to make the tasty looking enriched bread at the end.......

...................Oh sorry am back, yeah so am a long way off from that level of skill but am working on it.

The recipes are so easy to follow, so far I've made:
Soda bread,
Cheese and rosemary scones (on stew and baked separately),
Chickpea curry (not a bread but tasty)
And wraps.

And am so pleased with each result, what I also love is that the recipes are something you and integrate into a normal meal, unlike some book I have where the recipe's look and sound great but I wouldn't normally cook it or attempting it just seems like a mountain to try and achieve it.

My only concern is that a lot of the recipes contain cheese and bacon/ham, this really is a plus for me as he is apparently a man after my own hear, though I could see it being a bit of a issue if you really don't like them.
As a recipe book I would give it 5 Stars since I use it all the time now and it continues to make me want to push my baking skills.

Have you tried BREADS? Whats your favorite recipe? Favorite cook book?

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