Friday, 3 May 2013


Hey sorry it's taken a bit to get this post out, only just started the blog last night, and apparently am behind the tech times, it took me forever to work out how to use the layout and even what gadgets I wanted on it! 

So please forgive me of this blog is a bit (ok massively) pants for a while, I think am going to have several teething problems! Though I do really hope the blogosphere sticks with me for a while. 

I guess at this point you might like to know a little about me, well am 21, addicted to books if there was a fancy rehab somewhere for books I would be admitted, and suffer several re-lapses on my way to recovery. Asides from this I love to cook and bake so if am not glued to a book I tend to be in the kitchen, got a problem with ginger cake at the moment, as in I've made up a tasty recipe and can't stop making it!

This afternoon I joined the National Trust, yes I am just that cool! This may not seem important but to me is a bit of a new leaf/turning a corner thingy, I have decided to try and get fit, after all sitting down reading books and eating cake is never good for you long term. Plus having just suddenly having go move to the lovely Derbyshire (having grown up near Cambridge/Hertfordshire) I think am starting to put down some roots and there lots of lovely places to visit here and walk. So for me splashing out £20 on a membership is like saying "yep am going to stay" rather than "I will leave as soon as I can" (also loads cheaper than a gym with less people seeing me look all gross while trying to work out!)

As the title of the blog suggests am finally airing my poor book journal! After too long sat beside my bed it's getting to see the world. I've only just discovered the amazing, exciting and enticing world of blogs! Thanks to Ellie from musingsofabookshopgirl. It seems finally there is an end to the glazed look in people's eyes when they ask me if am enjoying  my books and they get a very very long speech about how good the plot is, who I like in it and who I don't, what line I hope and wish the plot takes and normally finished with "generally I like it, you should read it so I have someone to talk about it with" at which point they go "uh yea sure" while fumbling for there keys and running to the nearest exist! 

Am hoping this will become a sort of review/discussion blog tho am hoping it will sort of shape itself as to whatever comes out of my head as am typing away, am sure there are many more experienced blogger shaking their heads at me going "Noooooooo you fool" so any advice will be warmly welcome as am finding me feet. Am hoping to also find me feet regarding the writing since its been a long time since I wrote anything that wasn't a essay or reviews for my own eyes only, which tend to be scribbles of plot outline (so I can remember the books) favorite quotes in the books if any stand out, and if to do more author research to find more books. 

At the moment am really into Dark Fantasy, it seems a little rut am in, though I am really enjoying The Sookie Stackhouse by Charlaine Harris  novels am currently on book 5 and kicking myself for not reading them earlier. Having never seen True Blood I didn't know really what to expect but wanted to read the books before looking at the show. Anyone else have that rule where they will try to read the books before seeing the film/tv show version? 

Am also listening to A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness when walking, am enjoying it though have to admit two things, first is that am enjoying it but not become consumed by it, if that makes sense to anyone. The second is I know it's set in Oxford but having spent so long in Cambridge most of the time am picturing Cambridge then she describes streets etc. hey they are similar

After these series I think I might try some Autobiographies  maybe something in the True Crime area or a different fiction like Dan Brown. Unless of course one of my favorite authors brings something new out, then am forced to read that straight way, what?!? It would be rude not to :P 

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog I will leave you with a photo from where I was reading yesterday .........


  1. Good reading spot! Hellooooo, welcome to the blogosphere, YAY NATIONAL TRUST (yup, the coolness runs in my veins too), and CONGRATULATIONS on a successful first post. You managed to get a picture and a link in successfully, which is far more than I managed on my first one, hehe... :)

  2. Thanks, was up at Curbar Edge bought chai tea with me and everything :) YAY a fellow national trust person, was thinking I was the only one!

    I pleased it worked, thought it was only right I link to your blog. You get stuff on there I can only dream off at the to the side of post, the twitter feed do dar (or I believe the correct term is widgets, the 21 century is such a confusing place!)

  3. Hello Sarah and welcome to Blogland! I'm from down south (Isle of Wight) but was in your part of the world a couple of weeks ago and went for a walk along Curbar Edge - gorgeous place. I've been blogging for a few years now, but I still wonder whether I'm doing it properly. I just like waffling on about the books I've read at greater length than most people (in the real world) like to listen to. I write about fantasy, kids' books, general fiction, science fiction, teen... and anything else that will stay still long enough for me to read it!

    1. Hey! Thanks so much for checking out my corner of Blogland :D Its nice to know someone else has the same fears :)
      Shall wonder over to your blog and have a nose xx