Monday, 24 June 2013


Hello Blogosphere

Am sorry for my really long absents! I don't really know what happened it was almost like I suddenly got snowed under.
My folks went away, and after so many months of not being on my own I suddenly went into hibernation and let NETFLIX take over my life. Then I started my new job (which is far better than I thought it would be) and I really just lost touch.

I also got in a reading funk, I just couldn't begin to pick up my book, my head was just to full. Looking back I think I just got a bit nervous, I knew after months of searching/jumping though hoops  I was finally starting work, and my brain just kinda couldn't cope with the idea, don't get me wrong I love working and HATED my unemployment with a passion, and lived in fear that I wouldn't be able to get employment, however I don't no the area and had my routine and it was sort of comfortable, and am crap with change. 

On top of all that I wanted a change in job, and was freaking out that I was falling behind in my life while watching friends get degrees and get careers I was applying for jobs and being rejected and living back home, with no job let alone career. 

However AM BACK, my funk as lifted and am reading again AND baking and just generally happier. Plus I ve kind of gotten over myself. It looks like am in a good work place for progression and could get a career, and finally sort of got that not everyone has a degree and really a lot of the people I was at uni with are in the same position.

So hopefully onward and upwards, I am hoping to do a post at least once a week, and FINALLY update this poor blog after months of not doing it.

Thanks for putting up with me :)


  1. Congratulations on the new job! And I know too well the feeling of being left behind in life while everyone else seems to be succeeding. :S (With me, it's seeing how many friends on my Facebook timeline have different surnames to what I know them as, and how many have kids who aren't even babies any more. Not that I WANT to be married or have kids, particularly, but I still get a bit of a pang.)

    Hooray for the reading and writing slump being over, and for the delicious baking. And Netflix is also a perfectly respectable use of one's time. What have you been watching?

  2. Thank you :D Its also good to realise that its not just me who gets like that, I know the whole babies, married thing is going to come next on facebook, since its just starting, and just trying to go for the *ahem* healthy option of not looking lol.

    And ahh so many things: Covert affairs (If you not seen it, you should), Criminal minds, Vampire Diaries, Arrested Development and for some reason Gossip Girl.

    What about you? Its been such a bargain I don't know what I did before NETFLIX now :P