Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Buy books and Save the world!

Hello fellow book people!

First off I have to admit this is a really really cheeky post, so for taking advantage of you am very sorry in advance.
Now that's out the way lets get on with this....

While at work (I know sometimes I have to stop reading) I came across the Give as you Live campaign.
You sign up and download it, from then the charity you choose will receive a percentage of what you spend online as a donation.........the best part of it is it doesn't cost you anything.
For example Waterstones have pledged to donate 3% and The Works 6% of what people spend to their chosen charity though this scheme.

Am working on launching this for League of Friends in Sheffield, all there donations go to providing equipment and services for Sheffield Teaching Hospitals (That's all 5 hospitals across the city)
So the cheeky part would be can you please spare 5 mins on this link and help me raise some money for us.


Also you can change the charity at any time, so you can raise money for a specific charity or just a cause, so you can help your local area too.

This way we can all buy books (And loads of other things) And save the world! Also helps ease my book buying guilt :P

Thanks for taking the time to read this post!

PS Sorry this is a bit of a plug for the charity that I work for! However you can use it to support anyone!

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Weird Book Habits and General Update

I think I've written this post twice already and seem to be having a bad writing week, so here it goes this is being posted no matter what.......

This week has been a bit of a whirl wind. I have good news regarding my job, but am sworn to secrecy at the moment. Am hoping next week I can tell you all, though its safe to say after a mad year things are finally looking up.
I hate to be super cheesy but I feel I can tell you guys, I really am having one of those, so this is my life moments, and am happy about it. When I left uni its was the first time really I had no plan. Don't get me wrong things didn't always turn out how I thought they would, for starters am not some wacky scientist, who is a also a rock star with a part time job at Woolworths! (yes you read that right, don't ask me why but when I was 8 it was what I wanted to be "When I grew up")
However when one thing ended I ALWAYS knew where I wanted to go next, and this time I couldn't. And honestly it was terrifying,

So continuing this theme of properly sharing too much, I realise the more I talk about books to people and while trying to work out what to write for the blog, I have some really odd Book habits.

Therefore here at my Top Ten Weird Book Confessions in no particular order............

1.My book shelves are organised; my favorite books are the top, least favorite at the bottom. A book series has to be all on the same shelve, it can't be divided over a couple of shelves. 
Authors work has to be in chronological order from when published and on one shelve.

2. I LOVE new books, because I can break the spine myself. which means when I read it at again I can see where I stopped before.

3. All my books I dog ear the pages.

4. Unless its a second had book, then I avoid it like the plague.........why?

5......because its known another life and its not fair........

6......yeah in case you didn't get it from number 5 I seem to personify books sometimes.

7. I try to keep my TBR pile to a maximum of 10,but a minimum of 2 

8. I always have to finish a book I start, even if am not enjoying it, though I have been know to cheat and start reading another book, and keep the other one out beside it, so I can say am just reading a different genera.

9. I feel guilty if I start a series of books and don't finish all the books

10. My mood tends to reflect where I am in a book, if something bad happens to a character it tends to upset me for the day until I get to a happy bit, therefore I always try to finish reading on happy bits, so people don't have to put up with me.

Am sure there are plenty more, and as I think of them I will try to update/add them.

How about you? Do you have any book confessions?