Saturday, 13 July 2013

Weird Book Habits and General Update

I think I've written this post twice already and seem to be having a bad writing week, so here it goes this is being posted no matter what.......

This week has been a bit of a whirl wind. I have good news regarding my job, but am sworn to secrecy at the moment. Am hoping next week I can tell you all, though its safe to say after a mad year things are finally looking up.
I hate to be super cheesy but I feel I can tell you guys, I really am having one of those, so this is my life moments, and am happy about it. When I left uni its was the first time really I had no plan. Don't get me wrong things didn't always turn out how I thought they would, for starters am not some wacky scientist, who is a also a rock star with a part time job at Woolworths! (yes you read that right, don't ask me why but when I was 8 it was what I wanted to be "When I grew up")
However when one thing ended I ALWAYS knew where I wanted to go next, and this time I couldn't. And honestly it was terrifying,

So continuing this theme of properly sharing too much, I realise the more I talk about books to people and while trying to work out what to write for the blog, I have some really odd Book habits.

Therefore here at my Top Ten Weird Book Confessions in no particular order............

1.My book shelves are organised; my favorite books are the top, least favorite at the bottom. A book series has to be all on the same shelve, it can't be divided over a couple of shelves. 
Authors work has to be in chronological order from when published and on one shelve.

2. I LOVE new books, because I can break the spine myself. which means when I read it at again I can see where I stopped before.

3. All my books I dog ear the pages.

4. Unless its a second had book, then I avoid it like the plague.........why?

5......because its known another life and its not fair........

6......yeah in case you didn't get it from number 5 I seem to personify books sometimes.

7. I try to keep my TBR pile to a maximum of 10,but a minimum of 2 

8. I always have to finish a book I start, even if am not enjoying it, though I have been know to cheat and start reading another book, and keep the other one out beside it, so I can say am just reading a different genera.

9. I feel guilty if I start a series of books and don't finish all the books

10. My mood tends to reflect where I am in a book, if something bad happens to a character it tends to upset me for the day until I get to a happy bit, therefore I always try to finish reading on happy bits, so people don't have to put up with me.

Am sure there are plenty more, and as I think of them I will try to update/add them.

How about you? Do you have any book confessions?


  1. I was completely nodding along to this...some of my habits are the same. Except I really hate broken spines, unless it is a second hand book when it is ok, so I have a tendency to hawk-eye anyone who is reading one of my books and have 'words' if they crack it. Yeh, I get funny over spines. Also, hooray for good news :)

  2. Oh those people deserve "words", breaking the spine of someone else's book is just wrong! I would never do it to a book that wasn't mine, it feels like some big boundary would being crossed!
    Please someone has similar book confessions as me, normally people stare at me like am a crazy person when they pick up on them :)

  3. I do have a particular thing for knowing that any wear on a new book has come from me. It makes me more fond of the book, for some reason. Like, if I've taken a book on holiday, I'll know that that crease along the spine was where I spread-eagled the book on the sunlounger while I shifted position, and that scuff is where I shoved it back in my bag a bit wonky, and that little mark is where a drop of sun cream landed on it... I look at a book like that and I know we have history! Does that make sense?

    1. It's really does!! I do understand it, it's like it personalised a book and makes it yours and I could get really poetic here but think it might make me seem more weird :P
      I think it's why I like breaking the spine because I can always see the first time I read it :)