Friday, 17 May 2013

Friday of Bout of Books

Today am going to try an more journal type style with my blog, I've noticed that am not great at the whole summary the day after/at the end of the day. Also I've noticed over the last 2days I seem to be leaning more towards that. I think its because I apparently treat my poor little blog like a ranting/one sided convocation with the rest of the world.

On that note, Morning Bout of Book-ers *excited wave* sorry for you all who come over to have a look at my sad blog, having looked around other peoples I released just how Legendary all yours are, and how far mine has to go. I thought I was all about the 21 century (unless its came to books) turns out am way behind the times! As in the 90's when we thought the Millennium would result in all technology just stopping and the internet crashing.

So I have decided that after this week my blog shall be getting an overhaul  just don't think I can fit it in this week. Am also aiming to do today's Challenges because I have been really lacking in them.

Books I've read from:  Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness and Guilty Pleasures by Laurell K. Hamilton
Pages read today: 106 pages and 2hr 15min of audio books
Books finished today:  x
Running total:  2 books;  106 pages  
Non-reading progress: I've looked at today's challenges and will complete them after lunch?
Menu: chai tea with honey, peanut butter toast
Today #insixwords: reading books I've naglected

Teapig Update
After my very silly email (believe me it was really silly) I sent yesterday I got a reply this morning saying they will send me the missing sample from yesterdays order and a few more XD YAY now I shall have more delicious tea to try/drink, first time I moaned about something and it turned out well. Though I will NOT make it a habit.

~~Final Update~~
Yesterday worked out quite well in the end I managed to read a 106 pages and get back into Guilty Pleasures. However I did discover that I had actually read about 40-50 pages of it already, making me question further why did I put it down?! 
Thankfully I seem to be getting more involved in the book, its starting to set itself up nicely and you can see sub plots and character development appearing. I have to admit though the thought of rat rape (sorry Were-rat rape) was just a little bit too much. And honestly I cant tell you why, I've studies Criminology  I've read A life Stolen, and other true accounts of rape, far far more graphic and disturbing than what was written in the book. I also have not got big objections of it being a theme in a book. However there was something about it that really did make me uncomfortable and make me go "If this is the start of this book, do I really want to continue?
That said, I do aim to make it to the end, and hope that I enjoy it, since I did buy the second book at the same time!


  1. Yaaay! Actually I was just thinking that your blog's looking pretty good for one only a few days old... I left mine with all its absolute basic settings for WEEKS before I dared to start playing around.

    And DOUBLE YAY for sorting the tea thing out. Seriously, an email about a simple shipping mistake is nothing. It's not like complaining in person where everyone gets embarrassed and feels a bit stupid. I had to email Sainsbury's the other day because they'd got part of our order wrong AND sent a lovely bunch of mouldy grapes instead of a fresh one, but I was very polite about it and they sent me a voucher to cover the cost of the mistakes. No harm, no foul! :)

  2. aww thanks :) I just look at everyone else (including yours) and they look so fancy and good and come back to mine and am like, this should be better.
    YAY the tea, and your Sainsbury's voucher! I think your right there is a difference, in how you bring something to the company/persons attention. I just always get really nervous before hand, actually have to psych myself up for it!