Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Bout of Books Tuesday

So you know I thought yesterday was bad, well today hadn't happened!

So here is my very sad overview:

Books I've read from:  Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness and Dead and gone by Charlaine Harris
Pages read today:  20 pages and 40mins of audio books
Books finished today:  X
Running total:  1 books; 126 pages   
Non-reading progress: I did have a look at some blogs and went for a picnic/drive with my mum :)
Menu: Chai Tea, fresh Coffee and homemade fish pie
Today #insixwords: NO EVOUGH HOURS IN THE DAY!

And now the excuses. My folk's are going away for 3 weeks *celebration dance* on Monday, and this has resulted in my mum and I spending some more time together before they leave. So yesterday we went for a drive, bought some tasty food and sat beside a very wind/cold Lady-bower reservoir, to do our best Stiff Upper Lip impression and pretend that we didn't notice the weather!

Then drive around Derbyshire and marvel at how hilly it is, yes be have moved from near Cambridge were it is flat. So hill, real hills, are a very exciting phenomenon to us :P

So after arriving home very sleepy from the excitement I then cooked a fish pie from scratch (Thank You Saint Delia) though I did managed to listen to my audio book then!

Watched TV because was to tired to read (I know it upsets me too but if am too tired I just cant follow the plot!)

Wednesday shall be a better day I promise! 

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  1. Chai tea and homemade fish pie, mmm... okay, stomach rumbling, time to stop reading the menu. :)

    And I totally got this last night - I really wanted to read, but my brain was all tired and fuggy so it just wasn't happening. That's when my DVDs come into play and then it was bedtime! Zzzzz.