Sunday, 1 September 2013


Sorry I have been so quite this month.
My friend visited last weekend and we went to Alton Towers :) Which was awesome but we also camped so I just couldn't think straight by the time I got home let alone blog.
Also I have been reading non-stop for the past couple of weeks, so I have been working on confessions of a book journal just not in a way you guys can see.

I feel every time I sit down I feel like am appologising to you for my lack of posts, so am now deciding to write a few over the weekend and post one a week, also am going to carry on writing, so hopefully every Sunday night there will be a new post up, if not more often.

I feel I should explain a bit, in my last blog I mentioned good work news, I can now tell you all that my contracted hours have increased which is great for me. Am on the road to full time work sort of, but mainly its good because at the moment I am loving my job. For the past few years I never thought I would get to the point where could go into work and well enjoy it. Feel engaged and not just like I was on auto-piote. Its great and wonderful, however it does mean that when i come home i want to write, have every intention to but that i loose energy.

The second reason is well me.
I am rubbish at communication, as in really pants. I have best friends who I love dearly and want to know all about their lives, but also can forget to call/text/email/snail mail/carry pigeon any form of communication for well months in some cases. Its not that I don't care, its just a failing in my brain! And every now and then they need to remind me to contact them. I can go thought really long good patches and then just drop of the face of the earth without meaning to. Am the same with social media, am just not great at uploading photos of my days out, or telling you all what a great/bad day I've have. Its gotten now to the point where I don't even understand how to use them.
I do have a twitter attached to this blog, and I do use it however I think it may have been about a month this a tweeted anything. I mean to, I really do, I just think am just not born at the right time. I could probley cope with having to send a letter a month to friends and family to update them with how things are but day to day I just cant seem to follow.
However if I could sit and talk face to face with people everyday I would be in heaven, as I can do that, and really prefer it.h

My long point is that this blog is essentially another form of communication and I can be driving along going "ooo I should blogs this and see if the blogosphere agrees with me" but then.....................well you get this post.

So am trying to do better, and am working on it, because the joke is I enjoy it, and I look at others blogs and aspire for my little blog to be like there, however like anything it takes time and practice.

Thank you all of you who are baring with me in my teething stage of Confessions of a book journal we will get there, and I hope in a year or so we can all look at this post and laugh


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  1. It definitely takes a while to get started, and it can be really hard to carve out time to write posts, especially when you've been working all day. I'm okay because I can blog AT WORK, but heaven only knows how I'd keep up if I had a regular job! I'm like that with contacting friends too, I'm hopeless at remembering to get in touch and even MORE hopeless at keeping up with my email inbox!

    So long as you're reading, loving work and enjoying yourself (Alton Towers, woohoo!) that's what matters! :)